How much does a good fishing rod cost?

not a fly fishing rod one with a bail.

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  1. skiingted says:

    Being that you mentioned "one with a bail" I am guessing you are talking about an outfit which would be the rod and spinning reel.
    The Ugly Stick as mentioned is a fantastic rod, just a little heavy.
    A decent reel is going to set you back a good $50.00. With rod, reel and line you are talking about $100.00. A bit high? It will last you a lifetime.
    Good luck and tight lines!

  2. BOBBER says:

    A pretty good one will run from 50$on up. You can get them cheaper but you get what you pay for. A good combo is somewhere around 80$.

  3. conuk47 says:

    $ 40 to $80. remeber that a good one will last longer and work better so get somthing for as much money as you hav

  4. justintodd1979 says:

    hey there, if you are lookin for an all around rod good for bass and panfish as well as cats, i would recommend the shakespear ugly stick. with that said an ugly stick will run ya any where betwee 25-40 dollars, all depending on the length and streigth that you are lookin for. i am not sure what type of rod that you are lookin for but for an all around rod i would go with a 6’6” medium action rod. if you are not really big into fishin or just trying to get into it, you can go to your local walley world and get another style of shakespear rod for about 10-15 bucks, like i said earlier it all depends on the length and style. man i hope this helps you out a bit. good luck good fishing be safe and remember to share the experience

  5. cant spell! says:


  6. Charles Slone says:

    Depends on what kind of fish I’m targeting. For carp, i will settle for a $20 Rhino Industructible, for panfish a $20-$30 combo is fine for me, but for bass fishing, i at least want a $50 rod. Sensitivity is key in bass fishing.

    Happy fishing.

  7. Alex says:

    The ones that are from $50-$120.

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