How to Attach Backing to a Fly Reel Jared Ehlers teaches a great way to tie backing on to your fly reel. Very simple, strong and not bulky! We use this from little 2 and 3 weight fly rods for trout up to the biggest saltwater fly fishing setups.

18 Responses to “How to Attach Backing to a Fly Reel”

  1. fishergimp says:

    Very well demonstrated with an excellent explanation. Just over 100 words – not as easy as people might initially think!

  2. theflyfishers says:

    Thank you!

  3. theflyfishers says:

    Thanks. I use this on baitcasting and other reels as well. It works just fine with monofilaments too.

  4. sorenisonfire says:

    thanks man. this worked out great.

  5. sorenisonfire says:

    thanks man. this worked out great.

  6. macthornberg says:

    This video makes it so clear. Excellent. Other instructional videos could learn a thing or two. Thanks.

  7. mountaintroutslayer says:

    i can barry load on 240. my internet sucks. im going fishing, screw electronic

  8. Bonecollector621 says:

    how much backing should you use?

  9. theflyfishers says:

    The amount of backing depends upon the particular reel/size and fly line that you are using. Most reels include a reference chart that will tell you; if you don’t have one they are pretty easy to find on the internet.

  10. theflyfishers says:

    Can you tell me why people who like to post comments like these never use capitalization or punctuation?  Come on dude, at least throw a period on the end!

  11. pikewhisperer says:

    Yo mr. lovetocatchbass!
    The only people who are gay are the ones who call other people gay because of their hobby!

  12. Glenndining2 says:

    so true ahaha. always a bit dimwhitted. thanks for the help!

  13. sleepbasics says:

    meat chucking is for pussies, real men fly fish, it takes actual skill.

  14. backdraft808 says:

    Thanks. I just turned in my reel for repair and didn’t recognize the knot at the end after removing the backing.

  15. Charles Malone says:

    Thank you for the clear demonstration of the knot for tying backing line to the arbor. Unclear why some of the comments are homophobic.

  16. adlerbr12 says:

    I’m new at this , i cant see why you put backing to the fly line.

  17. theflyfishers says:

    Backing does a few things. It acts as a longer addition to your fly line should it be needed. You don’t see it much when bluegill fishing etc. but if you fish saltwater or powerful fish like carp you get into the backing all the time. It’s thinner than fly line so you can fit more of it on, plus it doesn’t cost as much. As a whole it also acts as a filler on the reel to allow you to pickup more line with each single rotation of the reel’s handle. We’re glad to answer any other questions.

  18. notsofatmike1 says:

    Great demo. Thanks very much.

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