How to fish for pink salmon?

I saw these people fishing off the shore for pink salmon, they were using fly rods and just regular spinners. They limited out in about 2 hours, (4 fish) and got 1 silver. I was wondering how to fish for these things. The guy said they where in the top 2 feet of water and hit on pink stuff.. Does this sound right? Also are pinks good on the grill?

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  1. steve s says:

    Right now the pinks are running great up here Northwest BC. My boat has been catching them from the very top using buck tails on down different levels to 40ft using pink hoochies. Green or chartreuse colored hoochies have caught some as well but not like pink so far this year. The folks fishing off of the bank areas are casting out pink buz-bombs(med.action set up) or pink hoochies(with a light rod set up) then slowly reeling back in. I am fishing the Kelsey Bay area right now, and pink is the color here for sure. Usually when I move up towards the Charlotts, green colored hoochies are the way to go. As far as on the grill, absolutely when they are fresh. We always grill a few fresh caught pinks. Once froze ,we only smoke it and thats because I always have sockeye or chinook to choose from first for the Best size for the grill are your 2-3 lb pinks. We smoke(candy) most of our catch because by the end of the week and limiting out everyday the pinks start piling up on me. 40yrs exp Pacific Northwest guide.

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