How to Fly Fish: Setting the Hook and Fighting the Fish

Welcome to another installment of “Ask an Orvis Fly-Fishing Instructor,” with me, Peter Kutzer. In this episode, I demonstrate how to correctly set the hook when you’re fishing for trout and other small fish and when you’re stripping a fly for saltwater species or freshwater big game. The way you set the hook makes a huge difference in your success rate, so knowing the correct motion for a given situation is important. Many a flats angler has been ridiculed by his guide for losing a fish to a “trout set.” Next, we move on to fish-fighting technique. Although the classic fly-fishing pose involves the rod tip held high above the angler’s head, this is actually an inefficient use of the fly rod’s power. Instead of fighting a fish off the tip of the rod, you want to bend the butt section. Phil Monahan and I use the scale on a BogaGrip to demonstrate how much more force you can generate by fighting “off the butt section.”

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  1. Henrik Davidsen says:

    Thank you for´╗┐ some great videos ­čÖé

  2. POWARENJA says:

    Thanks´╗┐ for the video. This one is great. I think alot of people need to learn to set the hook.

  3. Hoot182 says:

    verry helpful, thanks´╗┐ for another great video

  4. hurtgrunt says:

    i´╗┐ always got taught to keep my rod tip high when fighting fish. oh well….

  5. NapoleanXV says:


  6. bluefishbrad says:

    nice video´╗┐

  7. farcozeee says:

    amazing´╗┐ and simple

  8. Jeff MWilkins says:

    you won’t do that much fishing light tippets for trout in spring creeks and tailwaters. Not a good´╗┐ tip for beginners because the low rod points the rod tip right at the fish, fish takes off, angler fails to give line, fish breaks off. In the East using 5-7X is common, particularly during late summer and autumn.

  9. methevas2 says:

    Your awesome I subscribed´╗┐ ­čśŤ

  10. Garnet Ashe says:

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  11. Michael Nielsen says:

    Awesome tips!!! I will use´╗┐ them next I’m out fly fishing. Thank you for the video. Hope to see many more like it

  12. musicislife8181 says:

    why do you have that loop of line hanging off´╗┐ your reel?

  13. TheSlyguy123 says:

    Wow great vid. just trying to figure out on which rod and reel to get´╗┐ for starting out fly fishing. How hard can it be? LOL It actually looks pretty complicated. I have been fishing with just a regular spin caster for 30 years. Any input would be great! Keep up the great work on your vids!

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