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25 Responses to “HOW TO RIG YOUR FLY ROD”

  1. baumanzinho says:

    Mark is very bob Ross-esque.

  2. caseylavere says:

    ha ha ha…..that might be the best comment in all the history of comments.

  3. Leftyloveshuskies says:

    Excellent video, Reminded me of when I was young and used to fish with my father. I had two brothers who did not like to fish so my father always took me. I loved it, especially watching him fly fish as my little bober laid in the water. 

  4. Jaclyn11495 says:

    ooooh that was cool i loved watching the fish under the water

  5. lisacs83 says:

    Mark’s favourite phrase = “…go ahead and..” 😀
    Nice vid, loved the underwater shots!

  6. kevinsparadigms says:

    So, tell me, what does “Hushin” mean? Is that cause you have to tell people to “hush” when you’re trying to hunt?

  7. wellsjdan says:

    Very cool.

  8. calistonia says:

    That underwater footage was amazing. And yes he explains everything very clearly :p

  9. TexHorns14 says:

    I’m assuming is a combo of HUnting and fiSHing.

  10. kevinsparadigms says:

    good call.

  11. MusicV8090Now says:

    I think I came up with a better YT name for Mark (Marc?). Obviously he is extremely skilled at fishing and hunting like you, but I think you can make him a bad bass on YT…

    SHORT YT NAME: “Big Game Mark” or “Big Game Marky Mark”
    LONG YT NAME: Big Game Marky Mark & the Fishing Bunch (anyone who fishes with him is automatically part of the Fishing Bunch).

    Hunting & fishing is a serious business but “Big Game Marky Mark” makes sure viewers are “gonna have a good time” 😛

  12. MusicV8090Now says:

    Casey, you’re already a bad bass on YT…haha

  13. gfizz1226 says:

    Hey can u show how to skin the animals you hunt plz I think that’d be cool to learn and watch

  14. christmaseveryday1 says:

    “Into the brook and fish for the trout…dive right in a splash about…trout, trout, pretty little trout, one more splash and come right out…”…LOL!…this is from the Bugs Bunny Hillbilly Hare square dance song 🙂

  15. theAcekelly says:

    Casey i have absolutely ZERO interest in fishing and the sort but im only here to support you and your family and if it means watching 4 and a half mins of somethings completely unrelated to my life, so be it! keep it up 🙂 x

  16. ForceSmart says:

    Very nice! I have yet to go fly fishing, but I found this video to be nicely done. I can’t wait to go out fishing again soon. =)

  17. weejammin says:

    is it called fly fishing because you attached a fly to the fishing rod?

  18. hannagarcez says:

    Just subbed to support you casey… <3

  19. chrisw443 says:

    I love fishing but ive only done it with a hook. Interesting, great underwater shot casey! 

  20. chasitydesha says:

    I am a girl and I haven’t fished much but that was pretty cool

  21. Nl4LL says:

    Hey Casey, just wondering if you will be doing a hunting video with a bow because I remember seeing you with a bow in one of your vlogs.

  22. lettstalkkmakeup says:

    i wanna fish, last time i went fishing was when i was 4

  23. sheenct says:

    i love mark…oh and you too casey 🙂

  24. fluttering13 says:

    your father in law is great at explaining 

  25. 09superblue says:

    Can you guys show us techniques

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