How to Set Up a Fly Reel – Video 3

This is the third in a five-part video which will demonstrate how to completely set up a fly reel from the arbor all the way to the leader. This video is brought to you by The Itinerant Angler, A full-length version with all five videos in one 15 movie is also available. You’ll learn the Double Surgeon’s Loop, a new arbor knot, the Nail Knot, the Perfection Loop, and the Loop to Loop connection. The full video is 15 minutes long, so if you’re only interested in one part, skip down. If you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll need the following items: (1) your trout reel, (2) a spool of “backing” (for trout, 20 lb. test is typically plenty), (3) a fly line, (4) some 20 lb. monofilament (I use Amnesia, which is red), and (5) a tapered leader.

6 Responses to “How to Set Up a Fly Reel – Video 3”

  1. NetGroups says:

    Your a good teacher …. these videos were good..

  2. TheFillmoreRacer says:

    Newbie question…why don’t you use a braided leader loop?

  3. headstrong440 says:

    If you use a tapered leader do you need to add a tippet?

  4. Zach Matthews says:

    Headstrong –

    If you’re dry fly fishing no, you can tie directly to the tapered leader, but you’re going to need to add tippet to the end of it shortly as you lose flies and cut back. If you’ve lost 12″ you’re usually in need of tippet.

    For nymphing or streamer fishing I will put tippet on from the beginning so that I have a knot to stop the split shot from sliding down to the fly. You always want to use split while nymphing and usually also while streamer fishing so that the fly is on bottom

  5. Zach Matthews says:

    Braided leader loops absorb water and are heavy, so they drag the tip of the line down. They also spray water across the surface when the line is turning over, alarming fish. Finally they are a straight hard section where you need it least, causing your leader to hinge and likely create wind knots. I gave up on braid a long time ago, after even learning to make my own braided loop to loops.

  6. Zach Matthews says:

    Thanks man.

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