i am a new begener to fly fishing i have been fishing for about 9 i am am 15 .?

and i am wondering what is the best rod and reel to start off with.not any thing cheap but brands like orvis ,ross , sage, g loomis. a good starter rod and reel. thank you

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  1. AIRFLOW says:

    Well first off, its good that you aren’t going down the very cheap route, however that doesn’t mean to say that you need to go and buy a Sage TCX at $620-why? well as your just starting out you wont get the full benefit of the fast action blank-when you have mastered casting then yes it would be a good option.

    Now for a rod that would suit you as a beginner, BUT will still be of use when your casting stroke develops and you start using lines with longer head lengths.

    I would suggest the Sage Launch-its an excellent rod for the price-i purchased my son one around last year and the casting action is excellent for the price, also the rod is covered by the Sage lifetime warranty.

    Its action is quick but should forgive any casting mistakes, once you become better you will find it works well. As for the line rating well that depends on where your fishing, for most lakes and large rivers a 6wt would be fine. Without knowing the type of water your fishing i cant give you any more information on the line rating to get.

    The Sage Launch rod, you can also buy them as a combo from Cabelas, which would be a good option, as they include a Rio grand fly line(as a extra note its a good idea to buy the best fly line you can afford as this is what really takes the flies out)

    If you want a large arbor reel that will go with your fly rod and money is not a problem then team it up with this:

    A better option would be this however as there isnt much point in buying a reel thats worth more than your rod

    If you need to consider a fly line, then look into Rio, Cortland, Airflo-they all make excellent WF fly lines that shoot very well. Another option for ly lines is the Sage Performance taper 3, i have this on my Sage z-axis and TCX and i have to say that on Sage rods it does load the blanks very well.

  2. BIG DAWG EATS says:

    What are you going to fish for? This makes a big difference.

    I have a 6 weight Wind River, Bass Pro Shop Special that cost me about $200. It works pretty good on Bass and Bream but I feel it is a little heavy for trout. At least in Georgia anyway.

    I also have a 9 weight for salt water. It is also a Wind River.

  3. Maggie says:

    You mentioned a number of excellent rod choices – Sage, Orvis, Loomis, etc., but I would like to add one more for your consideration – TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters). These rods were designed by the legendary fly fisherman and casting instructor, Lefty Kreh.

    The TFO Lefty Kreh Professional Series is an excellent medium-fast action rod appropriate for most casting situations, but what I really recommend is that you look into the TFO NXT fly rod kit. It consists of a TFO medium-fast action, high performance rod with lifetime warranty, aluminum disc drag reel spooled with line, leader and backing, plus a rod and reel carrying case. All this for $199.95!

    Check it out at

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