i am new to fly fishing I have an okuma sierra 8/9 fly reel and a 5 wt 8feet 6 inch rod will this set up work.?

I am new to fly fishing, i am not looking to spend anymore money. I will be using the rod for panfish bass and some trout fishing. I know its not the ideal set up!! but will it work?? Any information anyone can give me on this would be great. The reel is an okuma sierra 8/9 and the rod is an orvis 5wt 8 feet six inches. IS there a certain line I should use to help offset the two different types of rod and reel. The reel is very small and it feels fine when i put it on the rod but I want to know if it will work. I have not spooled it with anything yet. Also do i need to put backing on before i put the fly line on. Can anyone suggest some fly line for me. Should i go with 5 wt fly line or a bit higher like 6 wt to offset the differences in the 8/9 reel and the 5 wt rod. ANY INFO would be greatly appreciated thank you so much!!
I dont think it can hold a bunch of backing. The reel is very small. The reel is called a sierra okuma s 8/9 if you want to look it up. I bought some leader that comes in 7.5 feet but it does not have a loop at the end. It is tapered though. Do they make leaders that have loops already in them? Do you have a link to show me what the backing is. I am just thinking about the size of the reel and the fly line from a spinning fishermans stand point, the reel is very small. I bought it because of its size compared to the other ones at the store but I didnt know what 8/9 ment. its only about the circumference of the inside of a beer mug. Thank you for your answers!! any links to videos or forums talking about these issues would be great or specifically okuma sierra 8/9 reels and rods!!!
thank you very much for the information. So it sounds like from your answers, that this setup will work If i get a bit heavier backing a 6wt forward weight fly line. I can not wait to get this combo out on the water!!! Again thank you so much for the information I really do appreciate everyone answering these questions. One last ? I have is is it completely necessary to put backing on this reel? Backing is the only type of equipment I have not purchased so if I absolutely need it for my set up then I will buy it. Man this sport is turning out to be expensive not to mention the cost of flies. It will all be worth it when I catch that first beautiful 14 incher!!

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  1. Peter Griffin says:

    The specifications show that both the Sierra 8/9 reel and the Sierra 5/6 reel have the same overall diameter. Looking at them, they appear to both be smaller reels. The difference is the 8/9 model is wider and about ½ oz heavier. The 8/9 is designed to hold more backing as well as a much larger line.

    Use the appropriate line for the rod. The rod is designed to function with a certain line weight. That is, it is designed to carry a certain amount of grains. A 6wt line has a higher grain weight than a 5wt and may overburden the rod depending on its action (med, med/fast, etc) and your fishing conditions.

    One aspect of reel selection that is sometimes overlooked by beginners is reel weight. While an ounce or two doesn’t sound like much, it does make a difference in how the rod and reel balance in your hand while casting. A reel that is too light or too heavy for the rod can make the outfit feel awkward in comparison to a better balanced combination. Your reel weighs almost 6oz, and this is plenty heavy. I’d recommend putting a less backing on the reel than what is customary. You don’t need the extra backing for trout fishing, and it’s presence on the reel while casting will only add more weight.

    Cortland Micron is a long time favorite backing. You’ll see it in 12, 20 & 30# sizes. Any braided "dacron" of similar weight will serve the same purpose. If you have a well-stocked general tackle dealer near you, you may be able to purchase 50yds or so of unbranded dacron for only a couple dollars.

    You can put your own loop in the end of the leader. Google "perfection loop" or "non-slip mono loop" for two acceptable loops.

  2. enufofthisshit says:

    you can go with a 6 wt. but no heavier.
    with a reel rated for 8/9, it should hold a ton of backing. a lot more than necessary. buy a spool of regular 30lb dacron line. should be a bit less than purchasing enough micro-dyneema braid to fill it.
    and go with a weight forward, floating line with a small loop on the end to make switching leaders easier. it will be more useful overall. if you need to sink a nymph, use a 9′ fluorocarbon leader.
    orvis make an extremely nice rod. consider picking up a 5wt large arbor reel for it at some point in the near future.

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