I need a fishing reel expert…?

Im pretty much into fly fishing, but I was given a bunch of bait casting reels not to long ago and was wondering what types of fish they would be good for.

2 calcutta 400B’s
1 ambasseduer 6500c4
1 ambasseduer 7000c3
1 ambasseduer 9000cl

Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks

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  1. enufofthisshit says:

    they would all work fine for any of your larger gamefish; musky, salmon, larger stripers, BIG catfish, sturgeon…
    also an awful lot of saltwater species.

  2. Jackrabbit Slim says:

    i dont use anything that big, so im not as familiar with them, but they would be good trolling reels for bigguns. i dont know what the line rating is on them.

  3. Backwater Charlie says:

    Wait, you were given those reels? The Calcutta’s alone are at least $200 retail.

    The Calcutta’s could be spooled with 15 or 20lb mono and would work great for larger Channel Cats. Any kind of Saltwater fishing that is done with 15 or 20lb mono can be done with those reels. Also can be used with 30, 40, or 50lb braid. Salmon & Striped Bass can be done with this reel too.

    The 6500C4 is just like a cheaper Calcutta…

    The 7000C3 will work for Flathead/Blue Catfish, and any Saltwater fishing that is done with 20, 25, or 30lb mono. 50 or 65 or 80lb braid will work with this reel.

    The 9000CL is an awfully big reel, anything you need for 30 or 40lb mono or 65, 80, or 100lb braid. A good Sturgeon reel or if you’re using seriously thick line for Flatheads.

    Are you willing to sell the 6500C4?…

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