I need help fly fishing?

I’ve been fly fishing in the north georgia mountains for about a year. I have all the gear and know how to use it, but I haven’t caught a fish. I know they are there because I can go to the same spots with a panther martin and catch 5 or 6 in thirty minutes, but I want to catch them on a fly rod. I know its kind of a broad question, but does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. baaj says:

    Yep, it’s pretty broad, more details would be helpful, but here are a few things you can check:

    What kind of fish? Be sure to match the flies you select to what the fish are feeding on, or at least similar to the foods you know they feed on. A frog imitation can be good for bass, but trout would prefer an insect most similar to the current hatch, etc. Pay close attention to the insects are most prevalent at the time of year, and time of day you are out there. Then choose a fly pattern that best matches the insects you see.

    Dry fly or wet? If the fish aren’t rising for the real flies, there’s a good chance they wont take your imitation. So you could try fishing a streamer, nymph or even a dry below the surface, or along the bottom. If fishing nymphs, pick up a stone from the water near where you are fishing to see the kind of nymphs that are active, then try to best match that pattern – or use a "prince" – a good standby that imitates a wide variety of nymphs.

    River or lake? Techniques are really different for each. In a river you have to make sure your fly drifts freely. If it’s dragging unnaturally (either above or below the water), the fish probably wont take it.

    Good luck!

  2. bdnihm says:

    Find a local fly shop and ask for advice. Be prepared to buy a few of the suggested flies. Type of fly, size of fly, and color of fly can all be issues. The local shop is your best bet…

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