Im having trouble casting my new rod and reel; advice anyone?

Reel Details:
– Shakespeare TW30L

Rod Details:
Shimano TDR-80MH2B
line weight: 12-30
Power: Medium Heavy
Action: Medium Fast

20lb braid

Ive been practicing to cast with this new setup and everytime I cast, It just fly’s real hard straight down about 5-10 yards in front of me. I adjusted the line tension for the weight I put on (1/2 oz weight) and still same results.
Im trying not to cast this like I would a typical rod for the obvious reasons (and regardless I have tried casting normally with failed results); But my cast is not improving and Im wondering what im doing wrong?

Id really appreciate anyone giving me tips and pointers or simply showing me how its done.
shouldnt you be able to at least cast it out some?

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  1. Goop's says:

    I’ve checked out both the rod and reel , and the honest answer is that they are designed for trolling , not casting . The weight you are using suggests that you want an outfit that casts like a baitcasting set up . Unfortunately it’s not going to happen with this combination.

  2. FishSteelhead says:

    They can be cast but, not like a conventional baitcasting reel/rod. Only thing that I might suggest is the use of both hands, one close to the butt of the rod and the other right below the reel itself ~ somewhat like a rod leverage toss/throw, another thing would be ta’ go to a heavier weight. Like goops said, they are not meant to be cast. Don’t mean ta’ contradict anyone but, there was many a’ times when a’ kid, I had ta’ throw that bait out there from our boat when fishin’ Halibut in AK.. Work with it and it’ll come around <);-3

  3. fishhound says:

    The link below should help you out with casting your reel. Good Luck!

  4. Saltwater Gator says:

    i agree with Goops and FishSteelhead. that reel isn’t really designed as a casting outfit. i looked at some of your past questions and noticed your into Carp fishing. Hopefully your not using this outfit for Carp?

    i’m not a Carp fisherman but that outfit you got seems a bit overkill for Carp. Thats just an opinion. you may be pullin’ 100 pound Carp left and right, i don’t kknow.

    another problem you might be having is braid dig in? Braided lines tend to dig in on themselves making casting tough. Try stripping off 30-40 yards and slowly wind it back on without a ton of excess pressure. it might help?

    another thing you might try is greasing up your reel. even though your reel is new doesn’t mean it hasn’t sat on the shelf for 2-4 years. That Quantum Hotsauce works dang good. try it out.

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