I'm looking for a pair of fly-fishing waders with a lifetime warranty. any ideas?

I just need a decent pair of waders with a lifetime warranty, but search engines don’t really help me find these. any help?

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  1. AIRFLOW says:

    I don’t know of any wader manufacture, who will guarantee its product for life, although Simms does offer a warranty on its waders which states that it will repair them for the life of the product providing that the problem is down to faulted goods etc, however what do they define as the products life? 2 years, 4 years? its likely to be however long they feel like they should last when you call the repairs centre. So in short i know of no wader manufacture that offers a lifetime guarantee, see below for information on Simms returns.

  2. Roger says:

    No one could make such a guarantee. The best quality will eventually fail because of normal wear and use, or exposure to sunlight. Some of my friends get the most expensive in an effort to get a better fit and more comfort. Others get the cheapest they can find and simply replace them when they fail.

    I have custom made neoprenes for cold water use, and a pair of hodgman bantam weight hippers for warm water. The cheap bantam weights are still good 12 years later. The expensive neoprene waders leak.

    Go for comfort or price. Forget about durability.

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