Im looking into buying my first fly-rod.?

I am looking into buying my first fly rod, noe i already know what and where im getting it, I just need to know if i should get a 7.5 foot rod with 3 weight 3 peices or 8 foot rod 5 weight 2 peices or an 8.5 foot rod 5 weight 4 peices. Those are all the ones im interested in.
I would be fishing on medium sized streams to medium sized rivers.

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  1. Bob says:

    I would go with the 5 weight rod. The 2 piece if you do not plant to travel by plane too much, but just fish around home. But get the 4 piece 5wt if you plan on traveling to fish. The 5 wt will be MUCH more versatile of a rod to use for numerous species and heavier flies like streamers and such.

  2. robbiecougar says:

    I agree with the 2 piece 8′ 5 weight if not traveling. Also the 5 weight is more versatile for fishing larger fish where the 3 weight maybe too light.

  3. pheasant tail says:

    If you are just starting out I would suggest the 8′ 5 wt. This is the legnth and line weight that is very common for a beginner to use.
    You will be able to cast easier than if you were to choose the 3 wt.
    You’ll be able to cast larger flies more easily than with the 3 wt and
    still be able to make delicate presentations.

  4. joed says:

    Go with the 8.5′ 5 wt, 4 piece. It will give you the most versatility on the waters you plan to fish.

    Tight lines,


  5. Al S says:

    Well Joe I’d go with a #5-6 weight 7`6“ two (2) pieces A Dbl tap fly line and some 7 ft. tapered leaders about 4lbs to 7lbs. that will just about take care of everything oh….did say get Two reels one single action fulled with 8 lbs mono line and the auto reel with a good fly line, nylon or whit ever they made them with Dbl tapered OK see ya Joe remember your 6/12

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