In choosing a book on fly fishing what is a good cover topics?

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  1. Drake says:

    A good book of fly fishing should cover topics like:

    The 5 main types of flies used for fishing.
    Selecting the best rod for a beginner and matching it to the correct line and reel.
    Basic casting methods.
    The difference between floating and sinking lines.
    Why you need backing on your line and how much of it.
    How to tie different kinds of knots and when and where to use them.
    How to “read the water” and determine where the fish most likely will be.
    Hooking and landing your catch.

    It can take years to learn everything there is to know about fly fishing and catch many fish regularly or you can get a head start in a couple of days by getting yourself a book and putting into practice proven methods and tactics.

  2. wana bigger bike says:

    how to read the rivers/streams how to decide what fly to use. how to tie knotts. the fly casting books are ok but i dont like them. the how to fish nymphs books are good too

  3. Tony says:

    reading the water, presetation, fly selection, knots ,gear I recomend ORVIS ‘Fly Fishing’

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