Information on a Gunnison Oneida fly fishing rod?

I picked up a Gunnison fly fishing rod that came in a aluminum canaster. The rod is marked Gunnison # 4 and also marked Tonkin Cane. On the aluminum canaster it has a label on it that says… The Gunnison Select Quality Split Bamboo. Fly casting rod # 4 . Length 9 feet and weight 5 oz. Oneida Tackle. Made in the USA. Also what looks like.. For the discriminating Angler. I am wondering if anyone might know how old this rod is and is there any value to it. Any information would be appreciated.

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  1. Peter Griffin says:

    Years ago, bamboo rods were marketed by rod length and rod weight. This is in contrast to the last 40+ years where rods are marketed by rod length and line weight. I suspect you have an older rod.

    During the 30s, 40s, and 50s (especially), there were many low grade bamboo rods put on the market. Some were marketed through department stores, chain stores, and hardware stores. I don’t recognize the Gunnison Oneida nomenclature, and I suspect it was a rebranded rod from a mass manufacturer.

    You can determine which decade the rod was produced by studying its manner of construction and the types of hardware (guides, reel seat, etc) used. That’s far too much to dive into here, but you’ll find resources available online through some of the fishing message boards.

    The valuable rods are easy to recognize by name. Thomas, Powell, Garrison, Winston, T&T, Orvis, etc, all produced top quality cane rods. I don’t believe yours is one of them. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t fish nicely or become a gem in your rod quiver. It’s just that there were many rods produced that don’t bring more than $50 on the market.

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