Inside Fishing: Trout on Fly

In this episode Bryce will take you through the basic steps to get started with fly fishing. Both landbased and off the Bass Hunter Boat, Bryce finds plenty of fish amongst the moving water. Beautiful fish at a beautiful location. We hope you enjoy. Available in 1080HD

9 Responses to “Inside Fishing: Trout on Fly”

  1. jarronhaleysorrell says:

    Nice water and great vid !! I once fished the upper yarra river for trout on fly only to land one nice brown. Still had a ball trying though!

  2. MarkFace6 says:

    another great video! good stuff guys

  3. henshooten says:

    who would dislike this ,must have been a trout with a youtube acc lol
    great vid guys only wish my vids were up to this scratch

  4. robbiefishing says:

    Makes you wonder doesn’t it!!

  5. robbiefishing says:

    Fantastic clip, i thoroughly enjoyed it and now I feel like grabbing my 4wt and heading out. Those basshunter boats look the goods!! Thanks for sharing this video.

  6. onelastcastcrew says:

    Great work on this ep guys!

    Loooove the look of the Bass Hunter and they were some really nice bows!

    Keep up the good work and tight lines,


  7. InsideFishingTV says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, it makes the whole process worth while.

  8. MrApplejuice113 says:

    Great Vids guys!, Could you please make me a video on how to use soft plastics, im here in noosa and im mainly targeting bream and flathead. I have been using a 2inch Grub Minnow Pumpkin Colour and the technique i have been using is wind wind wind stop let it sink and wind wind wind again. Haven’t caught anything or had a go at it, Thanks for your help.

  9. samn443 says:

    Kindly donated that fly to the tree… LMAO
    Nice Vid mate…

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