Is this a good fly fishing set up for a beginner?

I have looked into different equipment for fly fishing and have been recommended some things. I live in Houston and am going for bluegills and small to medium size bass. I think I found all the things I need but I would like some opinions. I am thinking about getting a 6 wt. 8 foot rod but am wondering if I should get the 5 wt. 7’6" foot rod, same for the line and am worried that the flies will either be too small or big. I was thinking about getting a bass bug line but the smallest is 6 wt. and i am not sure if this is the correct type of line for the fish and reel. I am sure about the backing and leader though. Thanks.

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  1. Steven M says:

    I fished all last summer for Bluegill and Bass. This works really well.

    5wt 8’6"
    The 5wt line can handle most any bass bug and streamer you want to throw. It you start wanting to throw really big stuff that makes the rod go wild then switch to 6wt line. My best lure is a #10 Black Woolly Bugger. The only freshwater fish I haven’t caught on that is a Catfish. People have been telling me that in the Spring the Catfish will hit on a Woolly Bugger.

    I like to use a 4x leader and 4x tippet. All of last summer only one Bass broke the line. Everything else was landed just fine.

    Note on Bluegill. There fun as heck to catch on a Fly Rod. But think SMALL! They have small mouths and need a small lure to inhale. Here is something I learned this past December. The State Conservation Department stocked a small lake with Trout for Education. I was teaching about 5 kids how to Fly Fish. So I had them tie on a Beadhead Prince Nymph under a strike indicator. To our surprise we couldn’t keep the Bluegill off long enough to catch a Trout.

    Heck, After fishing warm water fish with a Fly Rod last summer I was thing about getting a 4wt 9′ combo from Cabela’s just to make it a little more interesting and prolong the fight.

  2. Backwater Charlie says:

    6WT will be too stiff for bluegill/small bass. 5WT would be decent, 4WT would be BEST.

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