Jumping Brook Trout Fly Fishing

Brook trout jumps, then is caught.

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  1. sasquatch446 says:

    it was like 6 years ago but i think it was around aroustic in that area. i dont remember the stream i just remember it was around aroustic state park

  2. DrKorn5 says:

    Oh up in the “county” as we call it here. You go to any stream up there and there is a wicked amount of brookies.

  3. musicflyman says:

    nice vid! It’s not easy to get that jump in the movie. And your casting over the rock is beautiful.

  4. GevshenianBros says:

    my friend would you please be kind enough to tell me the state and creek your fishing in ? i would appreciate it thank you…

  5. werdo141 says:

    im going up to the “county” this year (2009) ive got familly up there, and my grandparents said i could go fishing for brookies

  6. katorade5 says:

    way to hang him up and pull his lips out. other then that nice fish.

  7. Jock4Jesus says:

    where was still , looks like a secret brook that only you know about? thats at least 12 inch nice catch

  8. nially69 says:

    i caught a brook trout once using a sock and tv remote!

  9. mikemcmonkey says:

    i’ll be heading up to THE COUNTY this weekend, on the hunt for squaretails. hopefully pre-spawn…

    i caught a brook trout once using a lit candle and a rolled up Sports Illustrated.

  10. cod105ey says:

    looked like a brown nice fish 5 stars

  11. lolrobin says:

    Nice to see how the strike actually smacked the fish into that rock to the right… lol

  12. gangstarphil says:

    that is definitely a good sized fish for that little piece of water

  13. My1968Impala says:

    Amazing the leader didn’t break, holding it up like that. No net?

  14. ifrogotmyparachute says:


  15. jessgo33 says:

    Did you eat him or let it go?

  16. BlackLabel7345 says:

    fish on!

  17. tristancooper1997 says:

    wow nice brookie

  18. flurbsmcgurgs says:

    thats one big ass brookie.! wat fly?

  19. 123supra321 says:

    thats a brookie, but it doesnt lok very red ? its eather stocked or isnt eating right

  20. Paddy228 says:


  21. taylor5319 says:

    they only turn DARK red when they are spawning. Most of the time they just have red spots

  22. therealCanablisS says:

    net for alil stream like that ??? lol

  23. tainterlakeisgreen says:

    Great size fish

  24. AmericanValues321 says:

    nice..I wish the weather would clear upp a bit. All the local streams are high, cold and muddy, 🙁

  25. ryan logas says:

    the video looks so fake!!!!

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