Kern River Fly Fishing Report #1 – March 2012

Guy Jeans delivers his Kern River Fly Fishing Report in video format, and shares a few very helpful strategies & how-to’s on Czech-style nymphing.

9 Responses to “Kern River Fly Fishing Report #1 – March 2012”

  1. RustysClips says:

    Nice Guy!

  2. subydriven says:

    Man it’s been so long since I fished/camped at the kern. Love that place, nice, beautiful, calm, relaxing place away from the city. Definitely going there and taking fly lessons when I get some free time and cash =)

  3. streambornangler says:

    Great video clip!
    Lessons on the river with Guy, priceless.
    Love to see more!

    Kurt Vigil ……..White Rver Fly Shop

  4. BlackShamrock76 says:

    Great info and done to perfection! Thank you.

  5. jakemcfly14 says:

    Thanks for putting the effort into making a video report. Awesome

  6. KernRiverFlyFishing says:

    Jake, it was our pleasure… and more to come! Future videos will be in two different formats: River Report every two weeks and a separate How-To series hopefully once a month. Keep checking back!

  7. TheBekrause says:

    Great Video.

  8. JDMboostDC2 says:

    perfect video! a report, lessons, and added a stomach sampling. and in great resolution to boot! subscribed

  9. KernRiverFlyFishing says:

    Glad you guys are liking the reports. Next one drops in a few days so check back. If you haven’t already visited us on facebook, please stop by and join the conversation there: Kern River Fly Shop

    Going forward our plan is to produce a river report every 2 weeks and 1 video that is a mix of tips and how-to. Hope you enjoy!

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