Loading a Fly Reel and fitting a braided leader loop.

Hywel Morgan takes us through spooling up a new line on to your reel and fitting a braided loop. Its fast and simple and this method wont let you down. The first thing the new fly fishermen must learn is how to spool their fly reel. It is a simple process, but there are a few things you need to do to get the fly line onto the reel. Some of you are comfortable doing this and have your own ways and methods. But for the beginner and some seasoned anglers this quick step by step guide may help you in your preparation before hitting the bank. Produced by

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  1. s30nyl says:

    hello hywel nice video could you tell me where i could purchase the braided loops that you mention on the video.

    all the best

  2. HMFlyFishing says:

    Hi Seany
    Loops can be bought off Roman Mosser werb site or Sportsfish stock them

  3. Senorbarnez says:

    Great video and explanations – Many thanks

  4. Cieranj says:

    where can i get the plastic sleev that you put on the braided loops from please? thanks :):) cieran 🙂

  5. Cieranj says:

    where can i get the plastic sleev that you put on the braided loops from please? thanks :):) cieran :):)

  6. HMFlyFishing says:

    Hi Cieran you get get a pack of selves from fishtec

  7. xpfloyd says:

    Great Video, just one question, After you put the fly line into the centre of the braid and worked it through did you pull a sleeve over both the braid and the fly line?

    If so where was the sleeve to start with? I have purchased airflo braided loops which come with seperate sleeves and im a bit confused (fly fishing noob)



  8. HMFlyFishing says:

    the sleeve is usually already on the braided loop but if not pop it on and push it up to the base of the loop its self.
    When you thread the line up in to the braided loop then slide the sleeve down to almost the bottom of the braid and trim off the ends. The sleeve will then sit at the end of the braid and if you dab a little super glue top and bottom it isn’t going anywhere.. I hope that helps. thanks for watching.

  9. richardcullen819 says:

    im after looking at your video, and iv my line on the reel.the bit with the leader is great..tanks

  10. Salfordian35 says:

    This has really helped me more than you can imagine! Thank you so much….

  11. R188S says:

    Great video. Thanks

  12. Rollefied says:

    Regarding the Roman Moser Minicon Trout loops, are they properly secured from the factory or do they need superglue as well on that particular section?
    Thank you for the great videos!

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