Lower Stanislaus River Fly Fishing – GoPro HD

This short was put together from a day that Thomas and I floated down the Stanislaus River. We didnt run into too many fish that day but did find a few hiding out. One was around 17″. There is some nice underwater footage of it towards the end. And as always, all the footy was shot using GoPro cameras, this time with a new crew member… a GoPro Hero 2 and its custom mount I built. Stay Fly and Enjoy! D

3 Responses to “Lower Stanislaus River Fly Fishing – GoPro HD”

  1. stevesnaps1 says:

    Great video guy’s.what are your thought’s on the GoPro pro’s and con’s?I’m thinking of getting one for this seasons filming.ATB Steve.

  2. GottaStayFlyTeam says:

    @stevesnaps1 I’d say the pro’s for the GoPro are the waterproof factor, wide angle shooting ability, and that they’re easy to take everywhere. As far as the con’s go, I’d say the metering is one of the things that needs work. Having control over how a scene is exposed is critical and with the GoPro it’s hard to tell how the camera is going to handle the exposure. Another con is the stock lens underwater. The quality is terrible. Hope this helps and thanks for watching! Thomas

  3. stevesnaps1 says:

    Thank’s for the info,i’v seen a few video’s on YouTube where they changed to a flatter lens for the under water housing giving better images?I think i will put buying one on hold for a while until the lens thing and the exposure issues have been sorted/ATB Steve.

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