Monster Trout Caught on a Fly Rod

My first time using a fly rod I catch my biggest rainbow trout yet. A 22 inch Rainbow Trout! It was so fun catching this hard fighting fish.

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  1. MyCarla27 says:

    Wat ik niet zal kunnen missen, Vissen!

  2. Awon2zip says:


  3. NGBulldogs100 says:

    Nice trout. Iv cought a 38′ Northern pike. btw im 12. wat about u. also u wana join my Virtual Airline

  4. Awon2zip says:

    im 13

  5. NGBulldogs100 says:

    cool. im 12

  6. bassfishermn95 says:

    thats a nice fish for a first on the fly

  7. HunkOfBurningLove1 says:

    very nice little buddy

  8. fishingforfood1 says:

    beautiful fish there what kind of fly were you using? and what weight fly rod is that i knw i use a 5

  9. 3Twiztid0Juggalo3 says:

    beautiful fish man, i just started fly fishing again, go get some monster large mouth on a fly rod, its overlooked because most fly fisherman go for trout, but they sure put up a fun fight

  10. Axel Gonzalez says:

    Dad-“oh! That’s a nice bitch”
    Kid- “yay”!

  11. mringe007 says:

    nice fish

  12. Country4ever96 says:

    the first time i used a fly rod i got a trophy bass! lol

  13. buriedinsmoke3 says:

    Nice fish! I suck using a fly rod lol

  14. lakegazers1 says:

    nice trout. i want learn how to fly fish but i dont have the stuff. i troll lakes

  15. roffy89 says:

    fish not bitch buddy

  16. 708madboy says:

    my first trout on a fly rod was a sea trout with a fly i made

  17. bigbluemudder79 says:

    where did u catch that at?

  18. mjalcock1 says:

    how much did it whiegh because im pretty sure i have caught bigger fish than that

  19. halo3narb says:

    Stocked trout.

  20. Aircombat231 says:

    Nice fish I biggest fish I ever caught on a fly rod was a 35 inch striped bassist took me about 45-40 minutes to reel it in I love fly fishing it’s a ton of fun even small fish put up a fight

  21. cicadagodking says:

    Good for you – that’s a really nice rainbow – hope you have caught lots more since then. Keep fly fishing – it’s the bomb!

  22. AaronTheFisherman says:

    Nice video

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