Motorcycle Fly Reel Test: Ross Evolution

Field & Stream tests out fly reels with a motorcycle. Trout swim at a max speed of 9 mph. The motorcycle takes line at 10 mph for a distance of 50 yards to test the drag’s start up and overall smoothness. The line is then timed during the retrieve. Reels are broken down and examined afterwards to check for problems.

4 Responses to “Motorcycle Fly Reel Test: Ross Evolution”

  1. ajsutts says:

    Ross are definitely some of the finest fly reels on the market.

  2. solamisandwich05 says:

    ross are nice reels don’t diss them. the point is abel nautilus and lamson reels are stupid. i wish people would understand that lfy fishing is not a sport…its a hobby. and who the hell are you going to compete agianst with a $600 reel???

  3. elitesoftball225 says:

    I love my ross evolution, its landed many 5 pound trout, you have to draw the line somwehere on what you do an don’t need

  4. FrankB1191 says:

    The Evolution and Rhythm share the same guts, but not all “plastics” are created equal. Abel uses cork, and that
    has its problems. Lamson uses plastic
    guts for their reels, and an o-ring to hold
    the spool on. They’re all fine, just a matter
    of preference…….

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