New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventures 4 – ‘GOING REMOTE’ DVD Trailer

Remote river fly fishing for large Brown Trout around the top of NEW ZEALANDS South Island. We tramp and chopper into some amazing Wilderness country where we stay overnight in the very heart of a fly fishers Paradise! Release date @ December this year for DVD. Contact for more details.

18 Responses to “New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventures 4 – ‘GOING REMOTE’ DVD Trailer”

  1. lospregevole says:

    I know that will be a great movie……and one of my Christsmas’s gift !!!

  2. bmxbikersbmx says:

    thats so kool i was i could go there i migh just retire there for the winters here

  3. ifrogotmyparachute says:

    how do u plan if u want to go in a remote place like that ( helicopter,ect)????????

  4. mikefsher says:

    contact someone like me – a professional Guide who can not only organize a chopper, but all the logistics of your dream trip… 🙂

  5. NiNj4k0S says:

    thank you so much for sharing!

  6. mikefsher says:

    No worries, thanks for watching! 🙂

  7. mikefsher says:

    Is this Nico that came to NZ and fished with me a few years ago?

  8. lospregevole says:

    Yes I am…very good memory Mike !!!

  9. mikefsher says:

    Hey Nico, hope all is well and you’re catching a few. Let me know if you want a DVD. Wonderful Wilderness is out now and ‘Going Remote’ due soon…
    There’s some footage of a few of the rivers you fished. 🙂

  10. riverrat291 says:

    hey mate thanks for the awesome video just 1 question what weight rods are you guys using?

  11. mikefsher says:

    Cheers for that, #5’s and #6’s – any less than that and you’re likely to get ruined!

  12. riverrat291 says:

    hey mate thanks for the reply and cant wait to get over there soon

  13. kaloto1000 says:

    amazing video guyz cheers for sharing =]

  14. EasyRecipesHQ says:

    good !!

  15. NiNj4k0S says:

    outstanding !

  16. leothomasful says:

    This DVD is simply the best! I pretty much watched the hole film In the Nelson Hunting&Fishing store on there TV, Insane footage mike,
    Tight lines.

  17. mikefsher says:

    Cheers matey!

  18. colinf94404 says:

    Everything is perfect about this video except every comment has the stupid word mate in it.

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