Oudtshoorn (Fly Fishing) weekend

When i heard we have to go to Oudtshoorn, in the Little Karoo, for the weekend, i decided that there must be new water to test. So obviously, the fly rod was packed. there was a rumor about rainbow trout in the one mountain stream, so i whent to investigate. had lots of fun with all the black bass in the river, and caught my first smallmouth bass.(he was very small, but ok, it was my first one ­čÖé ) on the last afternoon of the weekend, i finally got my trout. all the fish where very small, but i had a great time, and looking forward for the next weekend there, to look for the parents.

4 Responses to “Oudtshoorn (Fly Fishing) weekend”

  1. BassFishin9 says:

    Really cool could´╗┐ you come check out my video? Please subscribe!

  2. GarethRoocroft says:

    Great video MBKaroo! Please give us some details of where in Oudtshoorn you fished, I would love to fish there! Beautiful´╗┐ Smallmouth Bass by the way!

  3. GiancarlyFlyFishing says:

    cute and funny ….. congratulations.
    In South Africa there are trout?
    giancarlyflyfisching´╗┐ greetings.

  4. mbkaroo says:

    @GiancarlyFlyFishing yeah, we have some great places to go look for trout, all of them are introduced, but they´╗┐ are lots of fun. pound 4 pound, they still don’t beat our local predators like yellowfish and tigerfish, but they are great fun. thanks for watching my vid.

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