Product info for Fly Fishing?

I fish small rivers for small trout. What rod, reel, tackle and fly would improve my game?

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  1. ymusic022 says:

    A lower weight rod <5wt. the reel should be nothing special so spend to much on it, its just for holding the line. Wich brings me to the line I have CV2 line from bass pro wich dose its job well. And for the fly all that veirys from river to river and from day to day so do the sizes of the flies. So before you hit the river check out wich flies and flie sizes are working for that time, don’t forget to buy extras incase you lose the one thats working. As far as leaders and tippet, the size of trout you said you fish for are small so it should be ok to use a 7x tippet, but if you get a fisty one that wants to run with it let him or the line will break.
    If you really want to improve your game learn to nymph if you haven’t already, the last time I went fly fishing I caught 9 rainbows on nymph and 1 on a woolyburger so nymphing helped me there.

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