“Reverb” fly fishing trailer

This is a trailer for a show about three musicians who were all part of the late 80’s, early 90’s punk rock scene in Chicago…and they happen to all fly fish. A 17 minute version will be on the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour. The full 52 minute version will be on a soon to be released dvd “Heart of the Driftless” which will hopefully be out in March 2012. Please visit both Pegboy and Rights of the Accused myspace pages for more information. Pegboy songs and cd’s can be downloaded from Quarterstick/Touch & Go records website.

4 Responses to ““Reverb” fly fishing trailer”

  1. tytytji says:

    Cool trailer! Worth waiting for the release : )

  2. RetardWarrior says:

    Thats gonnna be awensom!!!! Oi!! Oi!!! Oi!!!!
    A Fly Fisher Punk from Hungary

  3. loosvissertje says:

    One to order for the flyfishing club!!

  4. TheTroutLady says:

    The Driftless Region near Veroqua is AWESOME! Quite the challenge, but lots of great trout to catch and release.

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