River fly fishing techniques

Adapting techniques to suit the river pool. Duo, dry fly and nymphing.

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  1. skutterskelfe says:

    Hi Jonathon

  2. skutterskelfe says:

    Hi Jonathon,

  3. skutterskelfe says:

    Hi Jonathon, sorry the pc has hiccupped a few times but simply wanted to compliment you on yet another classic video particulary in respect of the upstream nymph. You are an inspiration to us all. regards

  4. walney1956 says:

    Hi Jonathan, great video as usual. How do you connect the nymph? Is to the hook bend or do you use a dropper. I alway find the duo a pain to cast any distance.

  5. ErmintrudeTheCow66 says:

    Great video, I especially enjoyed the section on pocket water. Do you use weighted nymphs or some other method to get down to the bottom of the pool, or do you rely on the trout rising from cover to grab the fly in the faster water?

  6. Jonfish1357 says:

    Hi Walney1956- I tie the dry fly on a small dropper about 2-3 inches long. I prefer this to off the hook point which reduces hook ups on the dry in my opinion.

  7. Jonfish1357 says:

    HI Ermintrude (I still remember the magic roundabout!)- The nyphs are soft hackled flies with heavy tungsten beads (3mm). In this type of water its important to get the flies down fast. Fish often hold in depressions just behind rocks and will not venture up very often except for example in a heavy caddis hatch.

  8. TormesFlyFishing says:

    Excelente. Muy buen video. Un saludo.

  9. Julián Diez Gamboa says:

    nice video, i liked a lot the techniques for fishing with nymphs this is very interesting… greetings from Chile!

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