Sage One Fly Rod Review

Exclusive sneak peak at the new Sage One Fly Rod coming out late 2011. Be one of the first to learn all about it! Pre Order at!

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  1. TheTroutman85 says:

    I want one…. I was going to buy the tcx but guess I’ll wait on that! ;P

  2. hizzleeee says:

    ive held one of these rods, and im already waiting to place my order for a 9′ 6wt. this rod is so unbelievably light, and it has a very fast action. the thing that i love the most about sage is the warranty. they will custom make whichever section you break for your specific rod.

  3. 377howqua says:

    wayne will the rod blanks be available as soon as the new rod is released

  4. fishon1956 says:

    The rods will be here in two weeks. The blanks mid October. Thank you for your interest.

  5. Ronnieflyfish says:

    I tried the Sage One 9’6wt out today at Manawatu Hunting & Fishing NZ. The first thing I noticed was the lightness of the rod and then the effortless tight loops I got when casting. Not a problem to cast the full line out and it was only a cheap cortland 444.
    Even though I have 3 Sage rods aready I’ll be getting this beauty. I’ll only need One rod (9′ 6wt) to fish New Zealand.

  6. fishon1956 says:

    I should have these rods next week. Give us a call.

  7. audamful says:

    Best rod ever, until the next one.

  8. Jackplordy08 says:

    getting mine soon :-) 9ft 5wt

  9. headforthetropics says:

    $700 for a fly rod – no thanks. & I don’t care how good it is.

  10. rangermntn says:


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