Sage Z-Axis Fly Rod – Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters The Z-AXIS Fly Rod! Mr. Wizard is back and talk about pressure! You know the design team at Sage was sweating some serious bullets when they looked to replace the XP. For more than six years the XP fly rod series has been the industry standard by which fast action fly rods are measured and now it has been replaced. Enter the Z-Axis. We know you’re going to be completely awed by this Sage fly rod series! These rods are lighter and although they generate the fastest line speed of any fly rod, are easier to cast (if that is possible) than the XP models. The added advantage of the extreme line speed is accuracy and control of your fly. If you want to talk trackability…You are going hear more cliches than you can shake a stick at (we couldn’t resist just one) about this rod series but just remember, if you want the lightest, most accurate fly rod on market, then reach for the Z-Axis. As Sage says it in one word “Magic”. To purchase this rod go to:

25 Responses to “Sage Z-Axis Fly Rod – Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters”

  1. jack488 says:

    Give me a break, this is just an informerical for Sage!

  2. sasquatch446 says:

    do you ever catch fish

  3. pojhmongyang says:

    lol Sage you almost had us. Go back to the xp please!

  4. CityAngler says:

    Helpful information, guys. Keep these videos coming!

  5. 7110steelie says:

    This is awesome!! As always, I am suprised with Leland FFO!!

  6. baetis44 says:

    the z-axis rods are everything they’re cracked up to be

  7. flyfishermandave24 says:

    best fly rod ever!!!

  8. FrankB1191 says:

    I like the Z-Axis, but the ZXL is worth a look
    as well.

  9. Cybnew says:

    Awesome Video, Lots of information!

  10. paguy3006 says:

    I cast one yesterday and he is right. I was a skeptic but now a convert. Just have to get a second mortage to afford one.

  11. crowdcor225 says:

    Out of curiosity, why do you hold the fly rod out to the side when you cast? Seems like it would be easier and more comftorable casting if you held the rod so that the reel sits straight down and not off to the side….

  12. FFSDenny says:

    I let my bro-in-law borrow my 5 weight Z-Axis. He didn’t want to give it back.

  13. Kolkaben says:

    The Z – Axis is better than the XP , The 9ft #5 is something special from Sage.
    Sage are the best rods on the planet.

  14. tarzanwillie says:

    “They are sportscars, surgical instruments that are fun.” A bit of hyperbole and rhetoric, finely woven together, wouldn’t you say? Aristotle would be impressed, though. Fluff aside, let the consumer be the judge.

  15. 7110steelie says:

    Helios does not hold a flame to the z-axis!!!

  16. dudrhkd7 says:

    the helios is about 100 dollars more

  17. fmch42 says:

    He is holding the reel to the side bcause the line doesn’t slide along the blank at the forward cast. The line does’t drag as mutch when it gets dirty after fishing for awhile. It becomes a habbit.

  18. fmch42 says:

    The Helios is good, but it is is too hard, and has a parabolic action that makes practical fishing a somewhat weird experience.
    The Z-axis has a adeeper action that actually produces faster linespeed than rods made with yesterdays technology.

    The stiffness of the Helios helps poorer casters with a somewhat brutal/crude casting style. (Same goes for casters that claim that the XP is better than the Z-axis. They can’t be very good casters !)

  19. jtizzle22788 says:

    The z-axis is the best rod I ever casted this things a canon!!

  20. Hertsman50 says:

    If you want to catch fish like this then check out flyfishingunleashed[dot com]

  21. 1968drum says:

    hmmm. wish i had $700 to spend on a rod

  22. spahnman says:

    My friend has this rod I can’t tell the differance between my 50 dollar rod from eagle claw and this rod

  23. greeneyedfroggy says:

    eagle claw vs. z axis, lol and you cant tell the difference….i almost fell off the seat laughing, don’t hate cause you cant have one

  24. BackwaterAngler says:

    Sage is the Rage!!

  25. jayfxdx says:

    this rod is the ticket!! on a guided trip this past spring on vancouver island i tried out several brands and other sage models to determine what to spend my hard earned dollars on. replacing my $150 martin (thats rod reel and line) that i used for the last 4 year with the $800 Z axis. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

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