Salmon in Gaula laxfiske fly fishing atlantic salmon Fly fishing

Mattias Helde is trying to tail a salmon, flyfishing in River Gaula. June-08, Mattias vs Salmon = 0 – 1 I got a 22 pounds salmon 5 cast later…. Salmon fishing from Gaula River, Norway Fly fishing for salmon on river Gaula in Norway. arranges and sells quality fishing at destinations. Our destinations have been chosen with care and represent top quality fishing places in Norway, Scotland and Sweden. For more info visit: http blog springer, “river dee”, salmon, “atlantic salmon”, fishing, “fly fishing”, fishingtrips, flyfishing, fiske, flugfiske, fluefiske, tweed, “tweed fishing” gaula, “gaula river” lax, laks, laksefiske, atlantlax ,atlantlaks, orkla

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  1. bjorkloven100 says:

    Jaa, högmod går före fall. Jag har missat m vänstern en gång också.
    Kolla bjorkloven100, patriks fisk
    Kjell Karlsson

  2. mmestari1 says:


  3. Laks4Ever says:

    To bad… But if you’re practising C&R you must never ever lift a salmon like that (especially a nice big one like that)… It increases the chances of internal damage to its organs and puts a lot of strain on its back!! Just for future reference… But again too bad you didn’t get a closer look at it!

    Keep on casting (and filming)

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