Second Grace – A melancholy fishing story

Enable subs in the player if needed. This is sort of a sad and slow story about a river that used to have really large brown trout. People have spoken of big monsters sipping dry flies back in the days but sadly they’re now all gone. The evil lure fishing people have killed them all. We followed two enthusiastic fly fishers, Anders and Gabbe, for a day at the river. Let’s see how they experienced it. Film & Edit: Stefan Ågren Music: Nick Drake – Fly Read more here: This video was made with help from Orvis

10 Responses to “Second Grace – A melancholy fishing story”

  1. zlay1337 says:

    låt namn? song name? 😀

  2. vikymoejoe says:

    finally! awesome video as always. 

  3. ZipperHazard says:

    I like that you use the term ”kill” when you talk about what those idiots who emptied the river did to the trouts.

  4. zlay1337 says:

    Found it, Nick Drake – Fly

  5. trota fario says:

    greeting from ITALY.

  6. valterbackstrom98 says:

    nick frake. fly tror jag 🙂

  7. zlay1337 says:

    tack. men jag hittade den förut 🙂 Nick Drake - Fly Detta den tydligen 😛

  8. nonsolopaolo says:

    Nice video !

    All the best.


  9. asplungable says:

    Love it!

  10. TormesFlyFishing says:

    Precioso vídeo. Me gusta ese río!!! Un saludo

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