Small Stream Fly Fishing HD Panasonic hdc tm700 You Tube

Small Stream Fly Fishing in Snowdonia catching wild brown trout and sea trout.and all the surrounding nature including a rare white headed blackbird,filmed in HD using the Panasonic HDC TM700 edited with sony vegas pro9,free to use music from song Listen by Tryad.

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  1. BoRovanUFJ says:


    Your video makes me feel like being in fairy-tale world.

  2. eifion69 says:

    Another Excellent Video from The Stevesnaps Production Team.
    Lots of Beautiful Scenery and Wildlife Images from Wales and of course The Brown and Sea Trout.
    “DA IAWN TI”

  3. door2yourheart says:

    What a beautiful video Steve, love it, well done!
    Keep the Faith!

  4. drhilton858 says:

    Lovely video and great opening shot of Nant Ffrancon and the River Ogwen. Thanks, Steve and greetings from Calaifornia.

  5. drhilton858 says:

    Lovely video and great opening shot of Nant Ffrancon and the River Ogwen. Thanks, Steve and greetings from California.

  6. tytytji says:

    Beautiful….. I was pulled into the world you captured in the video thoroughly, that I felt like I even smelt the air there. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

  7. stevesnaps1 says:

    @eifion69 Thank’s but the other half of my production team is usually having a swim in the river, chasing after squirrels, or checking his weemail.ha ha!

  8. Studiorondo says:

    good job sir

  9. drrubberdick says:

    Enjoyed that!

  10. aledbach1 says:

    Steve we met in the Spinnies hide on Monday..The videos are brilliant,showing our native Wales off at it’s best..Stunning landscape shots……Will look forward to seeing more from you..thanks again..Aled

  11. morganastor says:

    What a beautiful place … Lucky i live near lol , wow there are quite alot of brown trout there … What was that big fish at the end ?

  12. Jaaybagnas says:

    Creepy song

  13. yarikandersson says:


  14. vasilevichv says:

    Absolutely the most beautiful place i have ever seen. Breathtaking

  15. Settertude says:

    Very enjoyable!

  16. WYJ3B4NY says:

    Cabelas rod?

  17. stevesnaps1 says:

    @WYJ3B4NY The rod at the start is a Vision Cult,and the rest was with a Fladon Vantage,this season i will be using a cane rod for the first time,and really looking forward to it.ATB Steve.

  18. mbkaroo says:

    great vid, well done

  19. Plumpkinman812 says:


  20. MrKveite1 says:

    Where is the musicians and the singer, i hear the concert but all i see is someone fishing……..

  21. wollyisbest234 says:

    The fish are a wee bit small.I’ll post a small vid to show you the trout we have in.the river mourne.

  22. Matrimoney says:

    Amazing! Loved the ending.

  23. spermwaste says:

    Just magnificent!

  24. jaranFKH says:


  25. jemremyc says:

    Great Video! I really enjoyed it. I’m just starting out fly fishing, and I’ve got lots of small, brushy streams in my area, so I’ve been looking around for tips on fishing them. Looks like you’ve got a well behaved dog there! How old was he before he started behaving? I recently got a cockerspaniel/poodle mix, and he’s so energetic and stubborn! I’m doing my best to train him, and he usually listens, but when we’re outside he won’t listen for anything. Definitely won’t walk with me like yours.

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