Smallmouth and Flies– clouserflyfishing

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7 Responses to “Smallmouth and Flies– clouserflyfishing”

  1. sofleye23 says:

    1:38 amazing

  2. Spring2784 says:

    beautiful Smallie @ 1:40

  3. blu3synth says:

    very nice video

  4. Mck236 says:

    Fishing with Lefty! Damn, it’s in my top 5 “bucket list”! Caught many a football on a Clouser, nice video.. Looking for my retirement rod, any suggestions? Get my Dad’s bamboo rod re-laquered, or grab that new Orvis outfit? Maybe get that Loomis? Please tell me your thoughts on Rod, new reel, lines(so many options! What happened to cat gut?) Thanks for the video and all the time you took to make it ..

  5. GAs06tC says:

    i just realized something this morning… My smallie rod (as well as drum, speckled trout, schoolie striper rod, and largemouth rod) of choice is the TFO BVK 8 weight, (anyone who hasnt tried this rod…. BUY ONE, I had a sage Z axis 8 that i used for everything as well, bought the TFO, sold the Sage 3 days later, half the price, twice the rod…. THE BVK IS UNBELIEVABLE, but i use Leftys rod (BVK) with the CLOUSER line…. hahah is that bad? haha

  6. Fecious1 says:

    The undisputed  #1 fly pattern of all time.

  7. zenbooter says:

    Hey Bob,Sure wish I had come in here earlier.Been here since 09′,have ya,dang.It was way back,maybe 10 yrs.,you showed my son and I the crayfish pattern,so good it is,worked for me right off at Spruce Run,and I’ve used it other good places,allways good for smallies&trout.Bob,if you come in here for a look sometime,tell me the name of that beautiful music. thanks,Tom G.

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