Squannacook River Fly Fishing?

I am a new comer to flyfishing and i thought i would take advantage of 1/4 walk through the woods to the Squanacook River. I got a fly rod when i was younger, a cheap shakespeare 1094 combo. i do now intend to go over board just yet on a new reel. I have rigged my rod and reel up but have yet to choose a fly… and suggestions? The squanacook where i am going to fish is at thank for answers

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  1. Ian S says:

    The Squanacook in Massachusetts has both big brown trout and small brookies, depending on where you are fishing.

    As far as what type of fly to use – a lot depends on the time of the year you will be fishing. Most fly anglers would take a long a variety of flies in several different sizes, including some dry flies, nymphs, and perhaps streamer patterns.

    If you’re set on trying just one fly, the Wooley Bugger is considered one of the top producing flies in that it will catch fish almost anywhere, and just about any species. There are a variety of ways to tie the Wooley Bugger with some local variations as well.

    Your best bet may be to try to hook with a local fly club in the area or get to know some local fly anglers. A bit of casting instruction never hurt and usually always is a benefit!

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