Streamer Fishing Tips – Sage VXP 6 Weight Fly Rod

Streamer fishing tips with scupin flies, sculpzilla flies, rio sink tip lines, and a Sage VXP 6 Weight Fly Rod. The 5 weight is great too, but for big flies and distance the 6 weight is best.

7 Responses to “Streamer Fishing Tips – Sage VXP 6 Weight Fly Rod”

  1. finestfisher says:

    Thanks much for some great advice I will certainly put to work next time on the water ! Always look forward to your vid’s ! Thanks for the time you folks put in to making these for us !

  2. redsflyshop says:

    You bet, we want to see you guys be successful when you head out on the river. Thanks for the good feedback, our best streamer yesterday was a Dolly Lamma. We landed several great trout (not many!), but very nice fish.

  3. brandmarketing says:

    You guys are simply the best.

  4. x1delay says:

    Great information.  You rock Joe.

  5. louisjames3 says:

    First – great video/info. Second – I’m in PA fishin for small trout in smaller streams. What type of rod setup would be ideal for those conditions for various streamer techniques. Thanx …

  6. redsflyshop says:

    I would think that any fast action rod with enough “umphhh” to cast weighted flies would do just fine. Depending on the size of river, using an 8’6″ rod would be fine like a 586-4 which is an 8’6″ 5 weight. This would still allow you the finesse required for small water and is short enough that you could probably throw underneath trees and bushes at short range. I have a 586-4 Sage ONE that I got it for throwing dries but it is responsive enough that I have thrown streamers on it quite a bit.

  7. Marclb99 says:

    I`ve been with my set up for this kinda river for 6 years, time for an upgrade/change.
    What would be a good reel for this rod ? Could you give me your recomendation ? I had a few in mind: Orvis Hydro, Orvis Access, Lamson Velocity, Abel Creek , Ross Evolution, Ross Vexis

    Mostly small rivers fishing for trout with the occasional salmon catching on to my flies. I`m going to be getting an extra spool one`s going for streamer specific and the other mostly for dries.

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