The Making of a Split Cane Fly Rod

This is a rod I am currently working on. It will be a Dickerson 8014, hollow built, with bamboo ferrules.

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  1. JUSTTHEBEST12 says:

    ic made a flu rod just like your doing in this video and wat i did is toast the bamboo first then spit it and then sanded down the dames and then just continued from there

  2. Gobbeldigook says:

    Why do you flame the bamboo?
    I’m interested in getting started with this, but I can’t figure out why this is done…

  3. shakeyfly says:

    To change the color of the rod.

  4. BIGOINK303 says:

    does flaming alter the physical properties of the cane ?

  5. surfflyfish4striper says:

    i’m in connecticut, and i can’t find nobody to go to learn how to make bamboo flyrods.
    do you know anyone in connecticut,Rhode island,Massachussets area?
    i hope you can help.hopefully theres someone outthere whos willing to teach even if i have to pay.

  6. simpsonfan01 says:

    for the flaming part, im pretty sure it’s just for color so you are not supposed to char it as seen in this video

  7. gmreevesrodco says:

    The flaming process drives off excess moisture and also adds color to the cane. Depending on how heavily the cane is flamed, determines the color.

  8. gmreevesrodco says:

    The video may look like it is being charred but it is not. You can easily tell when you have gone too far as you can see the enamel ignite, turn silver, and flake off.  This rod is really only flamed to a medium color.

  9. simpsonfan01 says:

    ok then, it just looks really dark in the video

  10. gmreevesrodco says:

    yeah, it does look darker in the video than it actually is. At one point in the video, you can see what I mean as I pass over a node. You can see a little bit of flame and that is border line. You wouldn’t want to be doing that all over the culm. Check out my latest video to see a real charring!

  11. johnny19az19 says:

    im gunnna try making one soon to sell them around here

  12. catchthree says:

    I picked up an Auckland cane fly rod 10ft 7# it has some age on it but it cast like a dream does enyone know its history

  13. stephen macey says:

    hi mate you are meant to use a cool flame (redy orange) as i slowy lowers the woods muster to about 20 percent the hot flame will not do any good 

  14. caddisking says:

    Is your brother still fishing with the Nunley PMQ you made for him?

  15. Scott64a says:

    No, rod makers don’t just flame bamboo “for color”. They do it to make the excess moisture of the outer surface come out, and it also tempers it.

    Sure, you can torch to suit a color, but really, this step is important to add some tensile strength to the fibers.

  16. downallyourstreets says:

    1:00 – huge no-no cutting against the grain

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