Tying the Blue Elver (Sea Trout Fly) with Davie McPhail

Tying the Blue Elver Sea Trout Fly with Davie McPhail

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  1. azwoolybugger says:

    After looking up the price for Jungle cock capes, I think its time to kick the dog out and start raising birds!
    Another well done fly. Thanks Davie.

  2. vickaid says:

    Did I hear you right….. are they vulture feathers you have used??

  3. txflytier says:

    Hi Davie

    Great looking fly. I like the feathers in that one the way the blue fades in at the tips of the feather.

    And the Jungle Cock looks really nice on that one.

    How many flies do you get out of a Jungle Cock cape??

    Thanks Chance

  4. MrAndykerr says:

    thanks davy already checked GAC flytying bible so will see you tomorrow…great fly and will give it a run out

  5. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Chance,

    I’ve never really counted how many flies you can get from a cape but It’s all down to the quality of the feathers . But If I had to guess I would expect about 100 plus ..

    All the best Davie

  6. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi vickaid,

    They’re Vulturine guinea-fowl feathers..

    All the best Davie

  7. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi MrAndykerr,

    I’ll bring the fly in the video for you to have a go with..

    All the best Davie

  8. txflytier says:

    Hi Davie

    Ok after a sec watch I see the fancy hand work there it looks like you are just raping
    the floss but you are twisting the floss as you are raping that fast.


  9. varkskiet says:

    Gave this one a go this evening. I thought it was fairly straight forward, but it just doesn’t quite look like yours,,, oh well just 15 or 20 more years of tying……..

  10. flytyier11 says:

    Dave where do you get those fancy feathers ?

  11. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi flytyier11,

    You will be able to buy these feathers from the Glasgow Angling Centre or Steve Cooper of Cockshill..

    All the best Davie

  12. Snoppiballa says:

    for river fishing aye?

  13. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi Snoppiballa,

    Yes this fly is mostly fished in rivers…

    All the best Davie

  14. fragsarino says:

    hi davie,
    excellent series of tying videos. supreme artistry and skill shown. if possible can you tie a few more sea-trout flies please….thanks again for the videos.

  15. streamertyer says:

    Great tutorial on a classic. Hard not to love this pattern with those exotic feathers.

  16. fabianpescador says:

    very nice dear friend fly fixed-wing that the bird is


    My name is Fabian

  17. SEQUENCEEE says:

    Hey davie,
     Is it worth fishing this fly on the dropper for salmon when river fishing?

  18. DavieMcPhail says:


    I’m a great fan of fishing a dropper for salmon so I would try it but a shrimp pattern would be my first choice…

    All the best Davie

  19. 24mirko says:

    would you be so kind to tell me wich feather do you use for the wing and the collar?(wich bird do you use?)
    good video 🙂 greetings from Chile

  20. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi 24mirko,

    I will send you a link to the feathers that I used to tye this fly…All the best Davie

  21. 24mirko says:

    thank you very much for your reply, best wishes  from Chile 🙂

  22. alpacasofmontana1 says:

    Davie- Can you send me the name of the feathers that you used with this fly? And where I may be able to purchase them? Thanks- James

  23. DavieMcPhail says:

    Hi James(alpacasofmontana1),

    Vulturine Guineafowl is the name of the bird that the feathers come from, I’ll send you a link to a website that sells them….All the best Davie

  24. JBAtlanticS says:

    @DavieMcPhail Hey David could you tell me as well where I can purchase Vulturine Guineafowl ?

    Many thanks un advance,

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