Used to love fly fishing, but recently have become totally disabled.?

Unfortunately I can no longer stand to wade my favorite waters. I also used to love perch fishing but the pier where I went most often closes the restrooms from Sept. – May.

I live in Southwest Michigan. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. My grandson and I used to fish almost every weekend from March/April til the snow flies. We didn’t get to go at all last year.

Thanks for your help

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  1. AIRFLOW says:

    Sorry to here that, however there are lots of disabled anglers out there! don’t give up, i suggest joining an on line forum discussing fly fishing, there are many members whoa re also disabled who I’m sure will be willing to give you advice they have found best try this and the participate section
    Also you may be able to gather some tips from this even if it isnt in your area

  2. greenbean says:

    i know how you feel my back has made me disabled but im not completly out of the game. i wish i could help and i feel for you

  3. just wonderin says:

    sorry to hear that. most place have special areas for the diabled to fish. slow down, but don’t give up 🙂

  4. pete says:

    i’m from northwest ohio, southcentral mich.- call the state widlife…whatever its called, i’m sure there are places where you could go and have easy access even for people in a wheel chair and it doesn’t sound like your that far gone yet. mich. has so many great places to fish. find all your public accesses there is bound to be one that would work.

  5. fastrmastrblastr says:

    Don’t Quit!!!! @ least not yet! One of the hardest things I had to find out for myself after I blew out the (L-4 to L-5 & the L-5 to S-1), discs in my back, in Oct. of 2004, was waiting for spring to arrive in 05′. I was hurtin’ something fierce, & getting anywhere between 15 minutes- to sometimes an hour of sleep-per day, because of the pain, couldn’t stand, sit, walk, or lay down, for very long as the pain seemed to intensify, the longer I tried to stay in any "one" position for very long.
    My fishing partner (Thanks Steve) kept on prodding me to come put a line in the water, and one day we drove down to his Sister’s house, south of Rt. 10, (Area #3, on the Kankakee just happens to be down there also), and he had a couple of poles in the back of the truck. Anyway, we visited his sis, then drove by Area 3 on the way back, damned if he didn’t get me out of the truck, just to walk a little ways down the dike trail separating the river from the reservoir. Even though I was miserable with pain, I managed (with his help & patience) to go about 1/2 mile after several stops to sit or lay down, in order to relax my back enough to go on a little further. This took the better part of almost 2 hours to accomplish. And I had caught 4"keeper" bass in that time. The trip back to the truck took longer, as I had to take more time to rest up in between my hobbling attempts at hiking, and he carried my fish for me, back to the truck. Needless to say, I was sore for 3 days, and had to increase my pain meds by 1/2. This was only a temporary fix though, I had to learn to outlast the pain, by controlling my breathing, and concentrating on fighting the pain from within, along with taking more breaks, more frequently. That summer was one of my worst, and my best, as I also learned temperance, goes hand in hand with patience.
    I guess what I’m trying to say, is that there are always alternatives to accomplishing your goals, but quitting isn’t one of them.
    There are many places, new places, with handicapped amenities, for you to enjoy fishing within a half hour’s drive from where you live, and the most important thing is just being ……….out there.
    Goodluck & Good fishing

  6. bob J says:

    I feel very bad for ya, Because there Is no greater loss than someone who wants to go fishing and can’t.
    I will keep my Eyes and ears open for anything that will suit your needs, And certainly pass It back to ya. (Soo sorry)

  7. R W says:

    the only thing that i can tell you, is what i did, after becoming disabled.
    i can still get around a little, so i changed from pier & wade fishing, to using a boat.

    i live in south Florida, so cold weather, isn’a a major factor.

    my prayers are with you, in finding a solution to your situation

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