what cant i catch with a fly rod?

hi i want to start up this thing i think is called bushcraft and im putting together a kit with my stuff eg knives axes saws tents and i want a couple of ‘weapons’ and hunting devices i have a catapult and i want another fishing rod mainly a fly rod as i have all the equipment and its lighter all i need is a telescopic fly rod i founed this one and i can use my old reel on it with my flys but is there anything i cant catch fly fishing like im not after pike and carp im after food like trout and stuff please help thanks

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  1. Derrick S says:

    A Clue, a cold, a flu

  2. Askme says:

    Level up more

  3. Robert John says:

    You, might be able to hook a bear, but you can’t land it

  4. Owen Corey says:

    Mostly anything probably not as much saltwater because the fish are bigger but for freshwater trout you can’t beat fly fishing but save a regular rod for bass.

  5. Dora Jemison says:

    It’s AMAZINGCheck out the link in the blog post,

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