What fly fishing rod to buy for a beginner?

I am planning to buy a fly fishing rod and i have never used them before. I am looking for a strong and easy to use rod. i am willing to spend . what do you prefer should i get another spinning rod or should i try fly fishing

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  1. NYG says:

    Fly fishing can get very expensive & unless your willing to invest alot of $, then I’d go w/a spinning rod

  2. Peter Griffin says:

    $50 will only get a junk rod from walmart.

  3. Allen Gardner says:

    Fly fishing is difficult , but well worth the challenge.

    let me respond with a question – are you fishing for the enjoyment and challenge of fishing? or are you fishing just to catch fish, and if you don’t catch fish its a waste?

    if you fish for fun/challenge go fly fishing
    if you fish for eating fish go spinner rod

    for 50 bucks you will have to go get a premade rod and reel combo in walmart for fly fishing or spin fishing.

    if you can spend 250 – you can get a TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters) Great rod very cheap, best value out there. your reel can cost about 50. so tax and all in you are about 250.

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