what is fly fishing??????

what is fly fishing?
what is:
a fly line?
a leader?
a rod?
trout rivers?
please include sources!

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  1. Peter_AZ says:

    Fly fishing is a method of fishing where you use the weight of the line (rather than the weight of the bait, lure, or sinker) to cast. It allows you to get a near weightless lure (the fly) out where the fish are.

    Fly line is the special thick, heavy line used for fly fishing.

    The leader is the thin monofilament used between the heavy line and the fly, several feet long, so the splash of the line hitting the water will be several feet away from the fly.

    Casting is throwing your fly out there, away from where you’re standing, towards where you think the fish are.

    The rod is the "pole" used by the fisherman. Fly rods are designed differently from casting or spinning rods. The reel is the device that cranks in the line or lets it out.Again, fly reels are very different from spinning or baitcasting reels.

    Anglers is another name for fishermen (or women).

    Flies are the lures fly fishermen use. They’re generally just hooks with bits of feathers and/or fur tied onto them, to simulate insects or small fish.

    Trout rivers are rivers which contain trout.

  2. Reid Dixon says:

    fly fishing is just another type of fishing.
    fly line. diferent line made for fly fishing
    a litre cant really be used for fly fishing but its a metal wire that is attached to your lure and line. its so that fish like pike cant bite off your line.
    casting is when your rod throws your lure into wherever your fishing and you let it sit or reel it in
    a rod is a long pole with flex that holds your line.
    an angler is someone who does sportfishing
    flies are for fly fishing. theyre supposed to look like buck that fly into the water but what the fish dont know is that theyre built on a small hook

  3. invested_lat says:

    just look up some videos on youtube, of guys fly fishing. It’s mainly done in freshwater ponds, and rivers, with little "fly" type lures, with a hook in them, to hook the fish when they bite. Casting is much different than your typical rod and reel setup, as you have to go 10 to 2, to 10, to 2, back and forth, while feeding out line, each time, with one final toss, to place it in the area you want it to land.

    It’s old school fishing, at its best. A must do, for any fisherman. Takes a little practice, but if you just feel it out, you’ll get it in no time. Watch some videos, get a pole, and get out in your front yard and practice casting. Then go fish!

  4. Edward Camille says:

    Hi Mcandaya
    Your questions are very involved, the art to fly fishing from the equipment and to the many diffident types of fly that is available can differ from what type of fish you are trying to catch. Fly fishing is not only used for trout, but now anglers have found that this form of fishing can be adapted to so many other breed of fish, with great success. If you are realy keen find out more about the sport maybe you should have a look at my site, it has some great reading on the subject, just type in and have a look and good luck with your fishing.
    Edward Camille

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