what is the best web site for cheap fly fishing gear?

i need a fly rod cheap but good soon

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  1. Chadd says:

    I’m not sure there’s a best website for cheap fly fishing gear. What you should do is set yourself a budget and shop for something withing that limit. Cabela’s has fly combos and other gear that is reasonably priced. I generally shoo beginners away from inexpensive fly rod-reel combos because it’s hard to have a good experience on poorly made gear. However, one thing I like about Cabela’s is that they seem to be making a good-faith effort to carry inexpensive fly fishing gear that has some quality and legacy behind it, as opposed to gear that is just plain cheap. Cabela’s also tries hard to offer very gradual price points so that you can come within about $25 or so of what you want to spend.*left*cat20431

    I met a guy in Wyoming just recently who had a Fenwick HMG combo that he was really happy with. It was a combo and he said he paid around $250 for it. I’m not sure if this is the same one, but here is a Fenwick HMG combo on sale right now at about $80 off the regular price:

    Not bad!

    I would strongly advise that you be careful about getting truly "cheap" fly fishing equipment. Cheaply made gear will break, malfunction at inopportune moments, and perform poorly overall, which may sour you on fly fishing altogether. If you can only afford the bottom of the barrel right now, it may be better to save up some more scratch and buy later. Or, try buying used equipment or borrow some gear until you can get your own.

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