what size of a fly fishing rod should a beginner get?

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  1. wana bigger bike says:

    my belief is a 9 foot 5 weight rod mod/fast action is good for beginners. it can take small trout on small streams and still handle bigger fish like 15 inch small mouth bass and carp and bigger trout.

    then later on if they want to take up fishing for pike, musky, salmon, etc they can upgrade to an 8 or 9 weight rod of their own length.

    a shorter rod wont cast as far as a longer rod but it will be more acurate. a longer rod can cast farther but wont have as good of acuracy. (yes theres people that can cast farther with short rods then long but it depends) but if im thinking right a longer rod is much easier to learn casting on.

    i say mod/fast action because its slower than a fast action some guys that have fly fishing for 60 years cant fish with a fast action because its just to fast for them. but a slow action is just to slow for anyone so a mod/fast is good to start with

    and then if you feel a 5 wt is to big for your trout fishing if thats what your doing later on down the road you could upgrade to a 7 foot 3 or 4 wt (im considering doing this because i fish a lot of small trout creeks and the 9 footer gets in the way at times.

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