What type of lures are used on the ausable river in Michigan?

We are canoeing the Ausable River in Michigan next weekend. We will be going from Mio to Lake Huron. We are not experianced fishers, but would like to have a trout dinner one of those nights. We do not have room for any fly fishing rods. We will just be taking our small travel rods. Also, any advice for doing that run? Anything that we should bring, that you don’t usually need, for that run?

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  1. bradbowgun says:

    The baits you will want to have with you will be as follows Panther marten spinners yellow with red spots and black with yellow spots. Also try white roster tail spinner they work well there also. If you want to try live bait some crawlers would be the ticket. And on advice on that run this time of year bring some warm clothes the water is very cold.

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