What's a good fly fishing gift?

I’ve been dating a guy for about 2 months, and he loves fly fishing. What kind of gear or flys should I get him?

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  1. HunterFisher says:

    A woodframed landing net. He will come undone at the sight of this fine gift. It will demonstrate that you understand fly fishing is an art form and deserves quality equipment to do the job right. Trust me, you will score BIG with this gift.

  2. mik2222001 says:

    polarized sunglasses.
    they take the glare off the water so you can see the fish and structure under water.

  3. Pheasant tail says:

    Don’t bother with the flys, most fly guys (myself included) are real picky about them. Here’s something that won’t break the bank and is very handy. It’s called a lanyard.
    Check out the link:

  4. Dreaming Badger says:

    I’d suggest a fly fishing vest or maybe a fly book ( to hold some of his flies). If you can swing it. maybe a god pair of boots or waders.
    He might like to choose his own flies, but still may appreciate a nice
    fly tying kit.

  5. stop_makin_cents says:

    Dreaming Badger had a good idea!

    A decent Fly-fishing vest ($50-$139) would be nice.

    My father is a "hardcore" Fly-fisherman and every year I get him a new "Sage" flyrod baseball cap. (I tell him every X-mas I got him something from Sage! lol)

    A vest and a Sage cap would be an awesome gift. Go to "" for further info.

    (FYI- Sage is one of the most expensive, well-made, flyrods designed. They can cost up to $1000.)

    PS- That IS a super-cool Lanyard, Pheasant! I like it "fully loaded"!

  6. kawaasani says:

    He needs a good Knife, the most important tool a man can carry!
    Might I suggest the Sportsman Blade Trader by Kershaw Knives. Made with 420j2 stainless steel and a non-slip self locking co-polymer handle, it’s actually 3 blades in one, interchangeable!
    Ive owned one for about 10 years, wouldn’t be without it

  7. basalcellpfc says:

    A gift certificate would be my choice. But if they have a wish list at cabela’ or somewhere like that, choose from their wish list.

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