What's wrong with a four-piece rod?

I have bought a fly-fishing rod.
I have the option of four piece or two piece.
Of course, four piece is more convenient because it packs away smaller. But there must be some problem with a four-piece rod otherwise everyone would get one.

I am thinking of getting a four-piece 6 weight 9ft for river fishing.
I have the option of a two-piece eight weight 9ft.

The information on the river i plan to fish said 5-7 weight is ideal, so 6 is best right? but is it okay that it is four-piece?

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  1. Pheasant tail says:

    a 4 piece rod will have more ferrules (the place where the pieces join together) and they dull the action of the rod somewhat. Some of your better makes (St. Croix, Sage, Scott, Loomis) incorporate different technology in their tapers and ferruling, and this seems to make the effects much less.

    4 piece rods cost more than 2 piece rods, that could be another reason not everyone owns one. Another reason is that (to me) 2 piece rods "set up" faster, meaning you only have to align 2 pieces instead of 4. It just comes down to personal preference.

    A 6 wt rod will be fine and it is OK that it is 4 piece.

  2. copious says:

    Well, if you are going to be backpacking or hiking in to a lot of fishing locations, then the 4 piece rod would make sense.
    Otherwise, I think I would favor the 2 piece rod, but that is pure personal preference.
    Whether it’s 6 or an 8 wt rod doesn’t matter as much, to me, than having to fiddle with putting together the extra sections.

  3. Bob says:

    There are no problems with a 4 piece rod. The new multi piece rods are designed from the beginning to be just that and the ferrules are incorporated into the structure of the rod. In the past a single piece rod was cut and a metal or graphite ferrule was glued in place, creating a hard and weak spot in the rod. Now the ferrule is part of the blank and the female end is wrapped with thread and coated to prevent splitting under load.

    Interesting that this question came up. For my birthday last week I received a 4 piece 5wt rod and reel from my daughter, so that I can take up fly fishing next year with her husband. I build rods and already had 2 and 3 piece blanks, but I really like the idea of the 4 piece, just for the ease of transportation alone.

  4. Steve T says:

    I had a four piece spinning rod it was the best one i ever had. hope this was helpful

  5. AIRFLOW says:

    I see no problem with 4 piece rods, i purchased a sage launch 7wt in four pieces and its great to cast, although for every day fishing stick to two or 3 piece models as the ferrules wont come apart as easy but if you want to use a 4 then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, with new technology they are just as good as two.

  6. stop_makin_cents says:

    Everyone has already answered well.

    Just a note- As you add extra ferrules (or pieces of rod to put together) you add "opportunity" for ferrule "failure". If you do intend to buy a 4 piece rod make sure it is from a good rod builder, (Sage, G Loomis, St. Croix, Etc).

    In other words- A 4 piece ferruled-rod has 4 more "opportunitys" to break VS 2 from a 2-piece outfit.
    In my opinion, unless your backpacking or "flying in" to your fishing spot on a float plane, go with a 2 piece 6 WT.

    I believe for ease of set-up, less hassle with ferrules, and "action" a 2 PC 6Wt would be optimum.

    Thats just my 2 cents!

    Hope this helps somehow? Good luck!

  7. Matt says:

    Definitely go with the 4 piece. Sooner or later you will want to travel and it sucks having to check a two-piece rod on a plane. That way its simple to just pack your rod in your suitcase or in the trunk of your car.

    If you compare identical rods except one is 2 piece and the other 4 piece, the 4 piece will be slower (meaning it will flex more). Its kind of a personal preference whether you like slower or faster rods. If you are buying the rod from a flyshop, they should let you try casting them to see which you prefer.

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