when fly fishing for trout with a 9ft rod, how long should the total combined length of the leader/tippet be?

and what percentage in feet of the total length makes up the tippet?

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  1. ? says:

    The combined length of leader and tippet depends on a few different things. 1- Water clarity and species of fish..Very clear water requires a long leader up to but not limited to around 12-15 ft. with your tippet(included in the length given) would be 3-5ft. Where as fishing for Bass on a popper will not turn over correctly with a small diameter line, and leader length is not as crucial to bass fishing as to trout fishing. For Popper fishing I use a 6 ft. leader(25 down to 15 lbs) with a 2 ft. tippet of 10 lb Vanish. This seems to turn over my poppers nicely. For steelhead I use a leader that starts at 25lb. test ending up at 8 lb with a 4 ft. tippet of 6 lb. Vanish…total length of about 12 ft.

    2- Spookiness of the fish…Are the fish under a lot of fishing pressure? This can also fit into the water clarity column too. The fish will spook if they see the leader hit the water first so presentation and proper cast placement is crucial. Take your time and get into the best casting position and don’t just cast from where you first spot the fish.
    I’m not sure what your fly fishing expertise is but I thought I’d at least give you a couple things to chew on for a while. Time on the water and experimenting with different set-ups is the best teacher. (For me anyway) Hope you got the answer you were looking for.

  2. AIRFLOW says:

    If you’re using a standard tapered leader of around 9ft there should be no need to attach a tippet until it gets worn, at which you may want to use a 2-3ft section of tippet, you may also want to make your own leaders with droppers and forget the tapered leader and make it all from tippet material, this length depends on the amount/type of flies, in this case a total leader of around 14ft would be suited with two droppers and a point fly on separate lengths of co-polymer/ fluorocarbon, i have made my over all leaders longer at say 20ft at times when the fish are easily spooked and I’m fishing large reservoirs with big streamers, and nymphs. check out the below link, for the "washing line set up" it demonstrates how to tie up a multiple fly leader.

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