when is it ok to use a 6wt fly line on a 5wt rod?

I have a 5wt rod and I dont have any 5wt line for it yet but I do have 3 sets of really good 6wt line that I am not using. I will be fishing rivers for trout with this rod and I wanted to know would it be best to just go purchase a new 5wt line for the 5wt rod or would a 6wt line work just the same or better?

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  1. says:

    First off I wish that rod makers and line manufs would go to using grains in their ratings of rods and lines anyway We call this overpowering the rod this is most useful when casting short distances into wind the extra weight of the line creates better turn over and control you could use an 8 weight on that rod but keep it short this is the idea behind most shooting heads. On the other end of the scqale is under powering this is great for spooky fish and distance use say a 4wt line on a 5 this needs some skill to master but when you do wow distance and presentation is great. Hope this helps

  2. JOSH 2.0 says:

    The heavier line will work but not better than the line your rod is specifically designed for. You will be able to cast, just not as far and without the same level of finesse.

    Most modern high modulus graphite rods are actually rated for two weights like 5/6. I would just go ahead and use what you already have. Most likely the amount of difference will not cause you a huge problem.

  3. The Wormist says:

    your 6wt will work perfectly fine.
    rods can go either one step up or down from the recommended rating.


  4. joed says:

    More than likely you’ll do just fine with the 6 weight line. Keep in mind that the extra weight of the line will load the rod easier or quicker meaning a slight change in your timing if you’ve been used to casting the rod with a five. If in the end you aren’t happy with the feel of the rod then by all means buy a new five weight line.

  5. ☮ Wild Thang says:

    A heavier line is sometimes used in very windy conditions and for the novice won’t present any problems as far as performance is concerned. If your line is a weight forward type, it would be better sticking with sinking flies otherwise you’ll be forced to tie on a strike indicator to help float a top water fly.

  6. Steven M says:

    I have 6wt on my 5wt rod. Actually I found it to work better. Great control, good distance, and beautiful loops. Of course the rating for my rod/reel is 4/5/6. In the summer months I like to fish for Bass and the 6wt comes in handy for throwing popping bugs like sneaky Pete’s long distances.

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