Which fly rod do you think is the best?

I am in the market for a new fly rod. However, I have a budget of between 0 and 0. It has been 25 years since I last bought one. I am looking for 8’6" 5 weight great rod. I have been looking at the Orvis Clearwater II. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Primarily trout fishing with fly sizes between #12 and #18

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  1. Peter Griffin says:

    If I were looking for a rod with that budget, I’d either:

    1. Check out the For Sale offerings on any of the fly fishing forums. Enough people are thinning the quiver from time to time to keep offerings interesting. Also, consider placing a Wanted ad. You might score a lot of rod for the money this way.

    2. Check out Cabela’s house brand rods. I’ve never bought one myself, and it’s been a few years since I thought of getting one there (don’t really need one), but they seemed to have some good rods and a very good guarantee. The LSi rods get good reviews and are in your budget.

    3. Wrap my own. It’s not terribly difficult. There are many well made blanks for under $100. St Croix has many blanks for rod builders. Batson, American Tackle (Matrix), Pac Bay and others are good for the budget minded.

  2. Derrick S says:

    What are you fishing for? It makes a difference in the rod wt.

  3. Leafer says:

    Well..I won a Redington RS-4 a couple years ago at an outdoors show and I was really surprised at how smooth it works.I always considered Redington kind of a discount brand but this rod is light,loads well for longer casts but can also roll cast a double taper line in a tight spot as well as anything I ever used.I did a quick check and they retail about 170 bucks where I looked.They aren’t the most cosmetically appealing rods for sure but this one I have has bumped a much prettier (and pricier) G Loomis as my favorite rod for medium sized trout using size 10-14 flies mostly.

    I can’t say anything one way or the other about the Orvis rods(I’ve never owned one)-and I don’t personally know of anyone who has a clearwater series one.I’ve tried a few Orvis rods over the years owned by fishing partners-some were OK and some were "sloppy" in my opinion(but I suppose this could be said about any manufacturer-plus not all actions/tapers suit all casters) I always kind of felt that most of what you were buying when you bought Orvis was the Orvis name;to each their own I suppose.

  4. 77punk says:

    i have been using a st croix 8’6 5 wt. i love it but its a bit long for backcountry in the smokies. i have been hearing great things about temple fork rods. i have been thinking about getting the
    Temple Fork Series 1 3wt 7’6". try this site, they are great people, reputable and knowledgeable. free shipping too…

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